Please be my pregnancy hormones going bonkers, and not my sanity!

Generally I do not get hyped up about or overly sensitive to things, unless I’m pregnant it seems. Then without notice, even the smallest, littlest, infraction, dives me UP the walls. Today’s infraction, has nothing to do with my kids, themselves, but rather things for them, that I’d like to do.

Honestly I can’t pinpoint why I’m so bothered and upset by this, and I really shouldn’t be. I’m chucking it up to pregnancy hormones, and or bedrest is finally breaking me. Either way, I know it’s absurd to be as upset about it as I am.

It started before Halloween. It wasn’t getting to me as much then, as it is now. I grew up on classic holiday movies, that I want MY kids to grow up. I kept searching and searching our Direct TV guide for Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. In years past it has always shown up at least 10 days before Halloween on some channel for free. Not this year. It was on the movie channels at a price, which by the way, we pay to have these movie channels, so it bothered me a great deal, that we were being charged to have these premium movie channels, and then hit with another “rental” fee. I declined to rent it. No sense in renting a movie, when we are paying for the channel to begin with. I gave it up, and FINALLY, the DAY OF Halloween, it was on ABC for free. Yeah, the DAY of! I was so ticked off, but I quickly hit the record button, and the kids got to see it during the day of Halloween before trick or treating.

Well, fast forward to, today. I was browsing the channels and the search guide for classic Thanksgiving and Christmas movies. I was BEYOND annoyed and peeved, that these SAME movie channels that we pay the premium price to have, were AGAIN charging for the classic Holiday movies! The Grinch with Jim Carey, for a two day rental, was $7.99!!!!! A Christmas Carol is $8.99. A Christmas story and Miracle on 34th Street is $7.99!!!!!!!! Jack Frost is $6.99. Where is the Spirit of Christmas!? No Frosty or Rudolph, or the Night Before Christmas classic animation shows for the kids either! Just put me in a worse mood than before with all of this pain. No Charlie Brown Christmas!!!!! These TV providers are getting greedier by the day. Charlie Browns the Great Pumpkin was only free on tv the DAY OF Halloween! It’s a classic!

When I FINALLY found Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving, yep, it was still a $3.99 rental fee! It’s NOVEMBER, almost Thanksgiving, and they want to charge for a classic like Charlie Brown that has been out for DECADES????? What is WRONG with these people that run the TV providers and channels? Do they seriously have no heart? I honestly think that they need to sit down and watch some of these Holiday movies to see what the TRUE meaning of these holidays are. Sure, we can afford to pay to watch the movie. But that doesn’t mean I want to! That doesn’t mean I will or have to! It just ticks me off and makes me really consider other options. I wonder how they are going to operate with newer better, technology comes out and makes it obsolete. Point and case: Hollywood and Blockbuster Video are now out of business thanks to Red Box, and online streaming, etc. New technology always comes along to wipe out the old technology. It’s not a matter of IF it will happen, it’s a matter of WHEN!

My husband, who used to work for Direct Tv for 10 years, said we will just have to wait until it gets closer to the holidays to get them for free on the MOVIE channels that we ALREADY pay for!!!!! Honestly, if it were not for my boys loving their Disney Jr, Discovery, and History channels, I swear, I’d be cutting down our Direct TV package to the cheapest one, rather than the high premium package we have now.

Like I said, I generally don’t get upset about things like this, however, I have to say, when I was a kid, these same classic movies were free on local network TV channels, like ABC, FOX, etc. My parents and grandparents all were able to find the classic’s on TV to watch. I shouldn’t have to PAY to watch Ralphie with his ridiculous looking leg lamp on TV, when for decades it’s been free on local network TV. I shouldn’t have to pay to watch Doris and her daughter Susan, realize that Santa is real, and they figure out the true meaning of the Spirit of Christmas. I shouldn’t have to pay to watch Charlie Brown overcome his struggles with the Christmas Pageant.

I am curious as to how many people actually pay to watch these movies, that we already pay to have the channels for!? Why? Why are you allowing the TV providers and the channel providers to do this to us? You do realize that if we all don’t pay to watch movies we should be able to watch for free, then THEY have to change, not us? It’s called simple supply and demand.

As a mother of two small boys, and one boy on the way, I feel that it’s incredibly selfish of these providers and disheartening of them, to charge for classics that were once free.

So now what? What do I do? Well, I take my husbands suggestion, and I keep looking and waiting until it gets closer to Christmas. After all, I’m just one ticked off mom, what change can I bring about? I suppose I can organize a bunch of other equally ticked off moms/parents and storm the stairs of the TV and channel providers and demand change? I suppose I can write and write them until I’m blue in the face? I suppose I can write my local channels and express my disgust in them not airing classic holiday movies. I suppose I can do a number of things to evoke some change. Will it change the status quo?

I’m not part of the generation that feels they are entitled to everything and anything for free, etc. I’m the generation before that, but I do have to say that it bothers me that we now pay for things that were once free. Like I said before, it’s likely the pregnancy hormones and/or bed rest FINALLY driving me to my breaking point, but it is bothering the tar out of me. =/ Perhaps I’m not the only one this bothers.

Until next time, have a great rest of the day.


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