What’s wrong with a little bit of Christmas Magic?

Every year, as far back as I can remember, there has always been this special gift that I have gotten, that NO ONE knows where it came from, who got it, or how it got there. Even as an adult, there is still always a gift that is special. I always have believed in The Christmas Spirit and Santa Clause. I’ll get to my reasoning here shortly.

As a Christian, we teach the True Meaning of Christmas, the Birth of our Lord and Savior. However, we are generally steered away from even mentioning Santa, as to not to deter away from the baby Jesus. However, what about the Christmas Spirit and Christmas Magic? I’m not at all, trying to take away from Jesus, and His birth, I’m just saying, isn’t it even remotely possible, that even Santa, and Christmas Magic can be explained through Jesus?

ALTHOUGH, you will never find ANY mention of Santa, St. Nick, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, or what ever it is you call him, in the bible directly, isn’t it possible that he is a gift given to us, a gift from God, or at the very least was given a gift from God? Seriously, I have given this a great deal of thought. My thought process wasn’t just so I could justify allowing my children to believe in Santa, without feeling guilty, but because Santa, has a gift, IS a gift, if nothing else, the Spirit of Christmas, Christmas Magic is that gift, which Old St. Nick represents!

Stay with me for a second, as I try to explain my thought process to you a wee bit. God says, that we are all given gifts, some can speak in tongues, some have the gift of discernment, and some have many other gifts. We all can’t be from the same part of the body of Christ, so it makes sense that our gifts are all vastly and uniquely different, right? God goes on to even say, that when we walk in His light, and follow His path of righteousness, and we listen to Him, using our gifts, that He will in return bless us with fruits of the Spirit. (Some of you by now, may get where I’m about to go with this, however, for those of you who do not, just keep reading for a few more lines.)

Isn’t it possible, that God gave this man Kris Kringle, this gift to bring Joy, Laughter, and Love to the heart of Children? After all, we are called to Love and have Faith like that of a child. The last few weeks in church we have been teaching our children that “In the beginning God Made everything…” God did, God made everything, including Father Christmas. So I’m wondering why it’s frowned upon to believe in a little bit of Christmas Spirit and the Christmas Magic, when God made this man, that brings the gift of hope, joy, love, laughter, giving, sharing, and faith to us?

When I was 9, and living with my grandparents, they told us our mother was dead. In fact they went through great lengths to prove to us, that she was dead. We had a funeral, in which we actually lowered a casket into the ground, that we thought was our mother. I was 9, so I didn’t question it much. I didn’t ask why the casket was closed and we never got to see her body. I never even passed a second thought as to why my moms side of the family wasn’t there, after I asked the first time, and they told us, that they were going to have their own service for her; that they didn’t want to cause fights at our moms funeral for us kids. I was too young to know that I could have gotten a death certificate. I went about my life for nearly the next 10 years thinking my mother was dead.

At 17.5 I aged out of the foster system. I had my own apartment, was a senior in high school, and held down a full time job as a shift manager about to make assistant manager. One day, I decided to walk across the street from my apartment to the Quizno’s before heading into work to grab some lunch. I was sitting and eating my sandwich, when a women who worked there approached me.

“April? April M********? Is that you?”

“Um, who are you? How do you know me?”

“I’m your Aunt Billie! We have been looking for you guys! Your mother has been looking for you guys! Grandma would love to see you!”

I was in complete shock! I was so puzzled by her statement, that I only managed to get out, “You must be mistaking me for someone else, my mother died almost 10 years ago.”

“Your mother is NOT dead! She’s alive! Let me take you to where she lives!”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know who you are, my mother is dead, and I don’t remember an Aunt Billie.” Then I got up and left. I honestly don’t remember the last time I saw my moms side of the family. It had been a long time, and I honestly couldn’t remember having an Aunt Billie. My grandparents had very few photos of my mom floating around, or at least ones we were allowed to see. They never talked about any other family members. I was very young the last time I saw them, perhaps around 5 years old, that’s my best guess. It would be another almost 10 years before I get to reconnect with them, under ironically the same reason.

After work that night, I talked to my boyfriend about my day. He and I agreed that this lady was just crazy out of her mind. However, he did say that he thought that maybe, on the off chance that she might be telling the truth, that we take her up on her offer, to see this women, that Billie was claiming to be my mother. That we could drive in his truck behind her, and that he would go with me.

The next day was December 24th, Christmas Eve Day. I went back to Quizno’s, and I walked in and asked for Billie, with my boyfriend at my side. We told her that we would follow her to see this women she was claiming is my mother. Billie said, that she was getting ready to close the store for the day, being Christmas Eve, and that if we wanted to wait 30 mins, we could go then. I agreed.

We followed her in her car, across town to this trailer park house. When we got there, I wasn’t feeling entirely comfortable, and was about to get sick at any second. I asked Billie if she could go in and ask the women to come out to the drive way. She went in, and when they came out to the drive way, I instantly knew that, this women, was in deed my mother. I had this tiny little barely color photo booth wallet sized picture of my mother that sat on my bed stand for as long as I could remember. Her Farrah Fawcett hair due and all. This women, was unmistakeably, the same women in my photo, just slightly aged.

I couldn’t move, all I could do was cry. She walked up to me, and said, “I’ve missed you my little Ape.” NO ONE has called me little Ape, since I was a child. It was the nick name my mother gave me, that not many people used. My dad called me by my middle name, Marie. Only my mom, and siblings ever called me little Ape. We hugged. I don’t remember if or when Billie left. My boyfriend had to leave for Christmas eve with his family, and I certainly had no where to go. I ended up staying until 1am talking to my mom.

That was my Christmas gift that year. My unexpected, never planned, no one knew how it happened to get there gift. See, I wasn’t a fan of Quizno’s, I preferred Subway. I honestly have no idea what made me walk into Quizno’s for lunch that day. I had no idea I had an aunt that was the manager of that store. So what made these events come about? Ultimately, yes I do believe God designed that path, however, perhaps the Christmas Magic made it happen. Perhaps St Nick, knew I needed to know my mom was not dead, and that I needed some hope, and a little love in my life. Perhaps God knew I needed something to believe in and have faith in, because at that time in life, I did not think God cared about me. Perhaps, GOD USED ST. NICK to bring that faith back into my heart.

I may never know what transpired all of these events to take place, or who transpired these events, but does it matter? Is it harmful that I believe in the Christmas Spirit, in the Christmas Magic, and of course in our Lord? Do I have to pick one or the other? Why can’t I believe in both? God made Satan, didn’t he? Christians have no issues believing that both exist, so why is someone showering love, joy, laughter, faith, and spirit across many hearts any different? I may not believe in physical gifts, I think as we get older our gifts get a little less tangible, but I do think that in some way, God sends this St Nick, to spread cheer, and bring a little faith into our hearts. I think God gifted this Father Christmas with the spirit of giving, and the ability to bring happiness and joy to those who simply believe. Isn’t that the same basic concept of God? Blessings to those who simply believe? If God can send Moses to part the Red Sea, or Noah to build a giant ark, to be safe during the flood, then, surely He can send St. Nick to bring a little love around.

Who am I though? I’m just a mother, a women, a wife, who simply believes in the Spirit of the season. The spirit of love, happiness, giving, laughter, family, togetherness, faith, belief, and some Christmas magic.

I guess that’s why I love my Christmas Traditions, watching my classic Christmas movies about the Jolly Old St. Nick. It’s not just the gift giving, it’s more than that, it’s about the spirit behind it.

Just my two cents on it all, for what it’s worth. So what’s wrong with a little bit of Christmas Spirit?


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