Misery loves Company

I wont say who, and I wont go into too many details, but I’m annoyed beyond belief at this moment. How can someone so spiteful, and so full of hate even care what’s going on in my life? The only explanation I can think of, is they are bored, and unhappy with their own life; misery does love company. I wont play into it, I never do. I just keep my mouth shut and go on about my own business.

A rumor, from the rumor mill got presented to me tonight. Apparently the rumor is, that my husband and I only got married because I got pregnant and we had a child together. I beg to differ, but 3 children later, a huge house, all of the bills in both of our names, not to mention the love and attention we give one another, to see each other happy, kind of says the exact opposite.

Not that this ridiculous rumor deserves a rebuttal or even an explanation, however, for the record, love and understanding along with YEARS of failed ways, lead us to the decision to marry.

My husband and I have been through a LOT. A thousand and one ups, and a million more heart-wrenching dumps. We survived adultery, child loss, spiteful rumors from “friends” who attempted to separate us in every way they could. We’ve survived so much, including our own demises towards one another, including every attempt to harm one another out of pain and hurt. Yet something kept pulling us back together, time after time, after time. We both certainly went out of our way to run, but our paths were always brought right back to one another.

One night, about a week before our oldest son Jayden was born, we had a sit down heart to heart talk with one another. We went to Red Devil for dinner, basically our last romantic, kid free, last horrah, before our son would be born that weekend. Our conversation didn’t stop there, when we got back to our apartment, we continued to talk. We talked all night into the next day. We finally came clean about our wrong doings, and lies, that were keeping us apart. We ultimately forgave each other that night. We were on the verge of splitting again, in fact, people we trusted tried every method they could to spilt us apart, and not help us with our issues at the time. Not surprising, seemed to have been the story of our life together since day one; felt very much like star crossed lovers.

In any case, with the pain, and hurt behind us, and us moving forward, it was easy for us to finally see, that we were ready to finally get married. We thought about all of the possibilities, long engagement, short engagement? Ultimately we scrapped the idea of any engagement really, and set a date for a month and two weeks after our son was born. We even scrapped the big wedding, and basically ran away to Vegas; best decision of our lives together, seriously.

Yes, we thought about what people would say and think, and honestly, we didn’t care. It had been just over 10 years since we started dating, and if that wasn’t proof enough, then nothing we could accomplish together would be proof enough to anyone. No one’s opinions, or beliefs mattered to us at that point. At the birth of Jayden, and all during the labor, we found out just how much we loved each other, have always loved each other, and will always love each other. There was no hastily decision, because we fought it the entire pregnancy. We both don’t believe in divorce, and we both don’t believe in getting married for all of the wrong reasons. Plain and simple, it was time, we were ready. The fact was that he wasn’t going anywhere, and nor was I.

So little rumor spreader, before you open  your giant mouth again to attempt to harm, think about this, are you spreading rumors because you are unhappy, or because it’s the truth? Because where I stand, it’s because you are unhappy with your own life. You made your bed, now lay in it, and leave us alone.

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