Poop Painting Artwork

I’m really at a loss for words at the moment. My boys have pooped painted their walls, toys, beds, and each other before. They haven’t since we’ve moved into our new house. Well, until today that is! They are in separate rooms now! They no longer share a room, and I guess I foolishly thought it would cut down on the bedroom shenanigans. Today, those sneaky, quiet little boys painted their rooms in poop!!!! OIY! Now I had TWO rooms to clean, instead of just one.

The sick artist side of me wants to be slightly proud, because when I asked Jayden why he did it, he said, because he wanted to paint…………… If it’s any cancellation prize, when I asked him what he painted a picture of, he said it was an airplane, he made a really good picture of what looked like an airplane; I could see the propellers, the fins, the cabin.

I honestly didn’t know what to say, so like last time I made him help me clean it up. Zechy just is not coordinated yet to help clean.

HOW DO YOU PUNISH this????? He has to know that painting his room in poop is NOT acceptable! I honestly thought poop painting was over with for Jayden since he has been doing SO well potty training. Did they conspire to BOTH do this on the same day, during the same nap???

I’m ALL for creativeness and expression, but can’t he chose to express his artistic side with something OTHER than poop! IT WAS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily very minimal on the carpet, just a dad and it came out with no issues. My walls had to get a good scrubbing, and luckily it didn’t damage the paint too bad, not enough to be noticeable from afar.

Seriously though, how do you punish this??? Making him help clean it up did no good really, he likes to help clean.

Honestly I should start cutting chunks of my wall out, framing it and selling it. (JUST JOKING!) Would anyone buy poop paintings from a pre schooler? They are always looking for new mediums, right? Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!

They need to sell chastity belts for little boys, and name them the No More Poopy Painting Belts!!!!!!!

Putting my mind to dinner, can’t think of this right now. Maybe I can figure out a “creative” way to avoid this and punish this behavior while I cook.


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