Jayden’s Morning Conversations……. With my mom?

Jayden scares me sometimes. In the early mornings before I go and get him out of his room, sometime after daddy leaves for work, I hear him in their chatting up a storm. Before I never really put too much thought to it, because he shared a room with Zechariah. In our new house, they don’t share a room any longer.

The last week or so, Jayden has been talking, and while I stand by his door for a minute or two I hear what he’s saying. It’s not his normal pretend play talk with his cars, or stuffed animals, it was a conversation with someone. This is what I heard before I opened the door:

Jayden: “I know, I try to be a good bubby, but Yack (Zech) is mean to me. He take my toys I like play (to) play with. He hit me! All the time, he hit me!” …………(silence for a few seconds)………………. “Yes I did hit him back.” …………..(silence)……………. “(Be)cause he hit me first!I donut (don’t) know why he hit me, or taked my toys, but he does. I tell him to stop that.” …………..(silence)………… ” Will baby cookie (Colton) take my toys too?” ……………(silence)…………… “I donut (don’t) like being the big bubby no more!” …………………(silence)…………. “Okay, I try to. I love you to, kiss kiss. (blows a kiss).”

When I opened the door, I looked around his room very curious to see what he was doing, or talking to. This was a very on point conversation he was having, sounds a lot like conversations we have with him about being nicer to brother, even when brother isn’t being nice to him. I asked him after we got Zech out of his room, and started down the stairs, who he was talking to.

Me: “Jay bear, who were you talking to this morning in your room before mommy opened the door?”

Jayden: “I called(ed) nana mama.”

Me: “You called nana baby?”

Jayden: “Yes I did.”

Me: “Oh, which nana?”

Jayden: “Nana that lives in Heaven with my other pawpaw and the baby Jesus.” (Yeah, we are working on him learning that the Baby Jesus is all grown up now.)

Me: “Oh, you mean mommies mama? How did you call her?”

Jayden: “Yes mommy, your mommy, (be)cause I already saw my oder (other) nana this yesterdays, yesterday.” (More like Saturday, but okay, yesterday to him.)

Me: “Okay, how did you call her though?”

Jayden: “Like dis (this) mama. (Holding his thumb and pinky in a “C” form, like a pretend phone, and put it up to his ear.) Den (then) I said, Hello? Baby Jesus, is my nana der (there)?”

Me: “Okay, then what happened?”

Jayden: “Nothing mama, nana come on the phone and I talked(ed) to her.”

Me: “Oh, well what did you and nana talk about?”

Jayden: “(A)bout bubby being mean to me, and taking my toys and hurting me. He hits me mama, so I told nana he hits me.”

Me: “Is that all Jay bear?”

Jayden: “Yes, and mama, I don’t want baby cookie (Colton) to be mean like Yack (Zeck), and take my toys or hit me mama. Will he be nicer to me?”

Me: “I don’t know, we will have to wait and see when baby Colton is born and gets older to play. You know mommy and daddy are working with your brother to not be so mean to him right? And you know you have to not be so mean to him, and share so he’s not mean to you, right?”

Jayden: “I’m not mean to Yack (Zeck) mama! I (will) try to be nice to baby Yack (Zeck). Okay mama!?”

Me: “Okay, Jay Bear. I love you bubby.”

Jayden: “I love you mama! Now I go pee in the potty, okay?”

Me: “(laughing) Okay Jay. Go pee.”


Okay, so my son is apparently talking to my mother. Man, what a conversation this morning. Got to say, I love my stinker bear. What a smart boy he is! I’m honestly a little shocked by this. Anyways, I have a doctors appointment to get to now, I will have to catch up more later.


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